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You value your style? Your beard? And of course your tattoos? Then you are exactly right on the official website of BEARDS & TATTOOS!

Here you will find cool designs, all of which got the BEARDS & TATTOS seal. Take a look in our shop and become part of our community!



You do not want to miss any event from us? Do you want to know which tattoo studios we feel good for? Which barber understands his craft? After all, no beard is the other and the one who has the needle has the power. Therefore, we select our partners specifically, so that you can be sure to meet the league of extraordinary gentlemen. Certified by BEARDS & TATTOOS!


For all tattooed beards! Even for a tattoo exhibition or a cool event in a nice location. We know what’s going on and share it with our Beards & Tattoos community.


We stick to it “who holds the needle has the power”. Pretty difficult to judge which tattoo studios are recommended, right? No worrys, we’ll do it for you. After all, we know that art has no rules!


Wear it with pride! Nobody touches the beard of a man without permission. We bring you to the professionals of craftsmanship. Even a Barber Convention or recommended Barber shops, we test it and show you what’s worth!


Let’s be honest. Who knows what else will happen? But we keep our eyes open and you just stay tuned!


Experience BEARDS & TATTOOS on the road: Even if it's an events where we are involved in life, interviews with the barbers of our time or the artists in the tattoo scene. We take you with us. Remember, Google may know everything, but we'll do it!

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